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Dig Deep (Challenges)

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Dig Deep (Challenges)


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Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro!

In the summer of 2020, I am going to be completing a 6 day trek to the roof of Africa in aid of the incredible project Dig Deep! Kilimanjaro is the world's tallest free-standing mountain, and I am so excited to start this journey! The trek itself encompasses terrains from jungle to glacier. I understand that it isn't going to be easy but being able to support such an amazing project means a lot!

Dig Deep!

In Kenya where currently 8 out of 10 people lack access to clean water and sanitation, preventable diseases are disrupting children from learning and parents from earning. Young children are stunted from malnourishment and particularly girls from reaching their full potential. Dig Deep work as a charity to help schools and communities get access to clean water and sanitation. Dig Deep want heir work to be effective for the long-term, their aim being to provide vital hygiene training including menstrual health training for the next generation along with effective water and sanitation services which changes the lives of communities.

They concentrate on the 3 T's Taps, Toilets and Training.

Taps - Dig Deep build infrastructure providing schools or communities with reliable and clean water. This is through installing a rainwater harvesting system. Dig Deep uses locally available materials, training up local artisans and community groups to ensure that the equipment can be managed and maintained longterm!

Toilets - Dig Deep builds Ventilated Improved Pit latrines in schools, providing children with a safe, hygienic and private space to go to the toilet. This has a huge impact on children’s health and school attendance, particularly for teenage girls. Dig Deep also promote the construction of latrines at people's homes to end the practice of open defecation which contributes to the spread of disease. Which mobilise communities to build their own at every home in the locality.

Training - Dig Deep also train teachers and community health workers in health and hygiene, ensuring that communities understand how diseases spread and what they need to do to keep themselves and their families healthy. Training these key community members to teach others means the knowledge remains embedded and is delivered sensitively. Dig Deep run menstrual hygiene training, breaking down stigma, correcting misinformation and giving girls the tools and insight they need to continue their education and role in the community when menstruating.

For more information visit: https://www.digdeep.org.uk//

My Fundraising!

My aim is to raise £2500: 50% goes directly to Dig Deep and their projects and 50% goes towards my expedition costs.

What your donation can do!

£25 - Provide a child with a safe and hygienic toilet at school

£50 - Provide 3 children with clean drinking water

£100 - Provide 30 children and their families with life-changing health training!

I would really appreciate any amount of donations! Thank you for all of your support!


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